We are nappy free!

It feels like I have been buying nappies forever. I don’t even want to think how many nappies I have bought in the twins lifetime. If you add in all the nappies that Sofia had as well it must be thousands and thousands. It was especially nappy intensive when the boys were little. I shudder to remember when the boys were 6 months old and had simultaneous digestive problems. They going through nappies faster than I could change them. It was truly gross! Our black bin was always overflowing with barely and room for non nappy rubbish.

Big boy pants
Potty training has been quite a long journey for the twins. Sofia was a breeze to potty train.  The boys really took their time to get the hang of it.  At points I was a bit despairing about the whole seemingly never ending process. The breakthrough moment for us was deciding to ditch pull ups. Putting the boys in pants all the time was the key to getting them fully potty trained. Sure there have been many, many accidents along the way but we just kept going.

Dry at night
The boys have been wearing pants during the day for at least 6 months now. They were just wearing pull ups at night. We weren’t in any rush to get them dry at night. We just let it happen in it’s own time. I would check if their nappies were dry in the morning. Sam got the hang of it first. After a run of dry nights we just ditched the pull ups. He was quite excited when we told him he was now nappy free. Leo was then really quick to catch up and gave up his night time nappy as well.  It has been 3 weeks now and I’m confident that nappies are finally off my shopping list for good.

Nappy free
There are some stages of the transition from baby to child that leave you feeling a bit sad and nostalgic. This is definitely not one of them. I am so happy that my days of changing nappies are well and truly over!

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