We love Halloween!

We absolutely love Halloween in our house. It is my birthday on the 31st of October so it has always been a day for celebration for me. When I was a little kid I used to think all the Halloween stuff in the shops was there for my birthday. It may the build up to my birthday really exciting. As an added bonus people tend to remember when my birthday is.

I am a Christian and I know that a lot of Christians are not okay with Halloween but to me there isn’t really a conflict. We are defiantly not worshiping darkness or evil. It is a day to dress up and have fun as a family. We tend to get less and less scary every year. I also love getting creative and it is a great excuse to do that.

Here’s a little run down of our family Halloween costumes (apologies for the rather amateur photography).


This was my 30th birthday and we had a hero and villains party to celebrate – this was joint party with my friend Christian and I loved that everyone really got into the spirit and went all out with the dressing up (I sometimes think it you don’t love dressing up maybe we shouldn’t be friends!). We were getting all dressed up ready and then wanted to include Sofia so popped out to get her little witches outfit from the supermarket.

Halloween 2009

Baby witch costume


Sofia as a ladybird, Rolando as a mummy and me as a skeleton. My friend lent us this lovely ladybird costume for Sofia. Me and Rolando botched together our costumes for the photos. I love these pictures as Sofia looked adorable and it was a really fun spontaneous afternoon just messing around at home.

Halloween 2010


I’d got the family Halloween bug by now and decided to go for a bit of a theme this year. I love these Flintstones costumes. I bought and adapted the Fred and Wilma costumes and made Sofia’s super cute Pebbles one. I made the little bone in her hair out of papier-mâché.

Flintstones Halloween Costumes


The boys were just over two weeks old here and I’d only been home from hospital for a week so I’m not sure how we managed to pull this off. Sofia had a beautiful Tinker bell outfit from the Disney Store, it was a treat for being so amazing amid the crazy newborn twin days. She used to wear it all the time – it was completely normal for her to get home from school and then switch her uniform for Tinker Bell.   We made all the other bits on the afternoon of Halloween. We DIYed the boys t-shirts, a spider web and a spider, just using a black marker pen on plain vests. Rolando was a Dracula and I was a cat – they were a bit improvised but I think we pull it off.

Babies first Halloween

Halloween with the twins and Sofia


A friend gave us the tiger suit that Sam is wearing and it gave me the idea to do a big cat theme. My mum happened to be staying with us so we persuaded her to get involved too. I love Rolando’s leopard print onesie!

Wild cat Halloween costumes

Halloween wild cats


I completely love these Toy Story outfits! They took quite a lot of time to make and I was searching the internet for all of the accessories for quite a few weeks before hand (I’d just bought a sewing machine so made Rolando’s waistcoat and Sofia’s Jessie top). I love how it all came together. Sam and Leo’s suits were meant to be pyjamas. It took a little persuasion to get Rolando into character, this is when it helps that it is my birthday as people have to go with my ideas

Toy Story Halloween

Toy Story Halloween 2014


I haven’t totally nailed this years theme yet. The boys are definitely going to be minions so we are probably going to do a bit of a cartoon theme. The other characters are still up for debate. It is a bit trickier now that Sofia as she is a bit older as she has very clear ideas about what she does and doesn’t like.

P.S Have lots of fun for Halloween but please be careful.  Remember candles, flames and costumes do not mix!

19 thoughts on “We love Halloween!

    1. Thank you! I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we love it. I’d just bought a sewing machine last year so got a bit ambitious with making bits for toy story. I think I’m decided on my costume for this year and have narrowed my daughter’s many choices down to 2 options.

    1. Thank you! We are basically big kids. My husband takes a bit of persuading -it comes in very handy that it’s my birthday so I can get my own way! Now my daughter is older she is much more opinionated about her costume we are still in the negotiation phase.

    1. Thank you Laura, this year is proving tricky as we haven’t really got a theme that everyone wants to do. My husband flat out refused to be Gru to go with the minions!

    1. Thank you! I do love a theme. This year is proving tricky to decide on, my husband is adement he won’t dress as Gru.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. That’s a shame your kids are not into it. My kids are not so keen on scary Halloween which is one of the reasons we keep it quite fun.

    2. Thank you. Buzz light year is such a fun one to do. I’ll post photos of this year at the beginning of November.

  1. I love how you post every year’s holloween photos, I love the toys story the best, think my little agree with me too as he wore buzz light year last halloween as well. I’m now looking forward to see your post for your holloween 2015. #justanotherlinky

    1. Thank you! It was lovely looking back on these pictures it really shows the kids growing up. I think the boys at 2 weeks old look like little old men!

  2. Wow, fantastic pictures- I love that you’ve all dressed up every year! I think my favourite picture is from 2010 it just looks so spontaneous and you all look like you’re having so much fun. My favourite outfits are the Toy Story ones, and I can’t wait to see this year’s pictures! We dressed T up as a pumpkin last year for his first Halloween and I’ve bought an outfit for him for this year too but maybe S and I should get involved too? Trouble is, it’s not my birthday so I’m not sure I’d be able to convince S!!
    Helen | Wonderfully Average recently posted…BubblesMy Profile

    1. We love it – we don’t even go anywhere in our costumes just mess about taking photos (trick or treating is not my cup of tea too cold and potentially weird) and I don’t do a party for the kids because it is my birthday. We went to a house party last year a couple of days after Halloween in the Toy Story Costumes but no one else had really dressed up very much so we looked so overdressed!

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