My week in numbers, how I spend my time as a mum of 3

Ever wondered where your time goes?

I am a total geek at heart. To appeal to my inner geek I’ve had a go at breaking down my typical week into numbers. I’m intrigued by some of the results of my experiment in life logging. It has definitely made me more conscious about the ways I choose to spend my time.

I’ve looked at a regular week when Sofia is at school and the twins are at preschool. Some of these things will be quite different in a week when the kids are off school/preschool.


Food and drink
Food prepared – 64 portions of food (that will explain all the time I spend in the kitchen!)
Cups of tea drunk – 30 cups (usually 4 cups per day although a couple of these will end up going cold)
Cups of coffee drunk – 14 cups (usually 2 cups per day)
Cafe visits – 2 (I always take the boys out to lunch every Wednesday plus take every one for a treat most weekends).
Fast days – 1 fast day per week, which works out as 500 calories (I’ve been doing this for a long time for the health benefits and to manage my weight, I’ve blogged about it before Does the 5:2 Diet Work?)
Alcohol – 2 glasses of wine and a bottle of fruit cider (I always fall asleep after drinking which explains the moderation!).

Paid work – 25 hours
Working on my blog – 6 hours
Sleep – 48 hours (which averages 6.8 hours per night, this one really surprised me and I’m sure this isn’t enough!)
Tantrums dealt with – 10
Potty training accidents cleaned up – 4 (this is a big improvement it used to be at least 4 per day!)
TV watching – 14 hours per week (which works out as 2 hours per day)
Facebook – 7 hours (this seems like a lot of time but little stints of checking Facebook adds up to about an hour a day)
Tweets – 50 tweets
Photos taken – 45 photos
Texts sent – 25 texts

Walking – 25 miles equivalent to 50,000 steps (that will be the two school runs per day!)
Cycling – 24 miles (this is made up of my journeys to work and back)
Hula hooping – 140 minutes (this seems like a lot of time but it’s only 10 minutes every morning and evening. I’m going to blog about this soon as it is my new obsession!)

How do you spend your typical week? Do you consciously keep track of how you spend your time?


3 thoughts on “My week in numbers, how I spend my time as a mum of 3

    1. I was a bit horrified how much I watch TV and how little I sleep! I just kept some notes through the week e.g I knew how many times I walk to school and back so I just checked the distance of one journey and worked out the total. I’m very tempted to get a fitness tracker to get more accurate information.

  1. This is so interesting!! I reckon if i did this I’d find it scary how much I work, how little I sleep and how much coffee I consume. I’m so interested to try it this week. xx

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