Enjoy the tiny moments

This week has been lightening fast and there’s been a lot going on. The standout theme of this week is taking time to enjoy the little things. Here’s a round up of the tiny moments that have added joy to our week.

Flowers from my neighbours garden
Flowers from my neighbours garden

Leo’s face lighting up when he opened the Mr. Tickle birthday card that Sofia had bought for him.

Sofia was star of the day at school and helped some reception children with their reading – she was so proud of herself.

Popping into our local cafe for a quick coffee with my husband after we’d done the school/pre school run on Tuesday. It was precious little moment between the chaos of the morning (we’d overslept so it was a horrible scramble to get out of the door) and the rush of the rest of the day.

The boys getting really excited to go on a train on when we took a little trip into town – they waved and said goodbye train as we got off.

Bumping into a lovely friend who I haven’t seen for a while when we popped to our local garden centre for lunch. The boys dancing to the flashing Christmas lights.

Sofia laughing when she found a satsuma in her welly.

Seeing a rainbow as we dashed home in the rain – Sam shouting wow and being completely mesmerised!

Getting the chance to cycle to work and back and noticing that the hills that I used to struggle to climb are now much easier.

The comedy moment of Sofia trying to explain to her brothers what a hamster was.

Dancing on my own in my kitchen to Spice Up Your Life turned up loud on the radio.

My elderly neighbour inviting the kids to pick flowers from her beautiful garden. She said she wanted people to enjoy them before the cold killed them off.

Snuggling on the sofa with Sofia when the boys were in bed catching up on Strictly Come Dancing – she loved Ainsley Harriot dancing as a penguin.

Hearing the boys chatting to each other in their cots first thing in the morning.

Sam trying to feed Cheerios to his toy Kwazi (a pirate cat for non Octonauts aficionados).

Trying to teach Sam and Leo to scoot on our local cycle way. Sofia cheering them on and helping to keep them safe when bikes passed by.

The kids crouching down to see a caterpillar we found on the ground.

The kids helping with the supermarket shopping. Sofia zapping with the scanner and the boys taking it in turns to put stuff into the trolley. It made a normal and potentially boring trip much more fun.

Find the joy

It’s so easy to seek out big exciting experiences in life (and the big stuff is great) but don’t forget to find the beauty in the little everyday moments.

What tiny thing made you happy today?

7 thoughts on “Enjoy the tiny moments

    1. Thank you lovely – I’m trying to make a habit of looking for the tiny things to enjoy and be grateful for among the general chaos of my days!

  1. Wow, it sounds like you had some nice moments over the week… it’s definitely the little precious moments like this that you need to take stock of and savour! Thank you for sharing! #KCACOLS

    1. Thank you – I’m not sure if it was a great week or just that I had a slight change of attitude that made me see the good stuff (I’m reading an amazing book about gratitude at the moment and it has inspired me to be more grateful).

  2. This is so lovely!! You are right we should always appreciate the ordinary moments, those tiny moments are the ones that make us smile and be happy!! I love your flowers!! So much colour in there!! It looks like you had a great week, you had a lot of fun with your kids!! Love that!! Thanks so much for joining me at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again this weekend!! 😉 xx
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