Weekly highs and lows

This week has been a very busy one but its definitely had more good moments than bad.

Funny moments

Not being able to find Sam and then discovering him curled up in the shopping basket underneath the double pushchair.

Sam shouting banana in his best minion voice to an unsuspecting woman in the fruit aisle at the supermarket.

Moments of triumph

Surprising my family

My mum and dad help us so much with the kids, travelling to Cambridge every week to looking after them one day a week when we are at work. They also recently had their house burgled so we wanted to do something special for them. They were away at a wedding so we took the chance to redecorate a room in their house. Rolando did an incredible amount of work while I kept the kids entertained. My family loved it.

Getting Arty

We stumbled on a lovely indoor sensory activity space called Walking the Rainbow at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry. This was a big studio space with rainbow bridges and paths, coloured lights, a light box to play with and lots of sensory materials. It was a really creative space and the kids loved exploring.  Definitely worth checking out if you are in Coventry with little ones.

I took the kiddos to an exhibition on my own, The Story of Children’s Television at the Herbert Art Gallery. There were lots of original figures from programmes like Timmy Time and The Clangers. Plus stuff to get nostalgic for like Ed the Duck and Press Gang.  The kids really liked it (except the moment Leo cried because I accidentally scared him with a puppet).  No one caused chaos! I awarded myself a mental gold medal.

Cambridge Botanic Gardens (my happy place)

I had an amazing day today at Cambridge Botanic Gardens with the kids. They have a great around the world treasure trail over the summer – I would highly recommend it. We got a plant passport and a map plus borrowed a backpack with crayons, bug jar and binoculars. We spent the whole afternoon exploring the garden and collect plant stamps on our passport. No one fell in the pond or fountain (despite some close calls). We rounded off a perfect day with ice cream and tea.

My water baby

I got to see Sofia’s swimming lesson for the first time – Rolando usually takes her while I look after the boys but we switched around this morning. It made me so proud to see her trying so hard and really enjoying herself.

Moments of disaster

I was very excited to buy a Nutribullet blender with high hope of making us all more healthy. Sofia gave my first homemade smoothie a thumbs down.

An absolute idiot mimicking Leo whinging in Tesco and then swearing at me to move my pushchair out of his way – breathtakingly rude!

I’ve been really tired most of this week – the full on summer holidays days, plus travelling and recovering from illness are starting to take their toll.

One thought on “Weekly highs and lows

  1. Bless you Hun sounds like you have had a positive and fun time despite the odds and sorry for being so rude and not thanking you all for feeding Wallace for two days over our vacation, was ill on return from Spain and then had work, then a music festival with 3 children with Emma in Wales…no excuse just want to say thank you xxx. Hope you soon start to recover, Isobel

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