Weekly picks of chaos and crazy

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A little round up of this weeks moments of chaos and crazy.

Funny moments
Sam looking at my bowl of rather uninspiring risotto and asking why I was eating porridge. When I explained it was my dinner he looked at me like I was crazy and said no mummy that’s porridge.

A dreaded summer holiday trip to Clarks was cheered up by the boys dancing around with shoe boxes on their heads and generally charming our assistant. This took the sting out of the £74 total for kiddos shoes. I’m now a bit in love with Sofia’s glittery pink shoes.

Leo has a new trick. He comes up to me pretending to give me a kiss then giving me a massive lick on the cheek. I made the fatal error of laughing about this. It is now totally out of control and frankly gross especially in public.

Moments of triumph
We have reached the midpoint of the summer holidays.

Sam’s new favourite phrase “very good mummy”

The lovely Write Your Own Stories book that Sofia got as a birthday present – she’s writing a hilarious mash up of all of the fairy tales.

Our new four slice toaster – totally my favourite new thing for morning that require a mountain of toast.

Moments of destruction and disaster
I’m in the toilet it’s gone quiet, never a good sign……….Sam has discovered a Kit Kat. I come out to find chocolate on the walls, the bathroom door, his face and clothes. Sam has a very happy chocolateye face and has eaten a bit of the foil.

Leo decides the second that we leave the house that he wants a drink, he shouts I want apple juice every 30 seconds for the next 20 minutes while we walk to Tesco and all the way around the shop. There wasn’t any cartons left but a assistant helped me out. I think they just wanted the crazed toddler to leave their shop.

Sam pressing the emergency alarm button in the lift at the station.

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