Endings, dancing and soggy shoes


Goodbye Little Steps

This was a week of endings. It was our last Little steps toddler group on Wednesday. We’ve been going to this group since the boys were nearly one. It has consistently been a bright spot in most of my weeks. The boys jump up and down with excitement when they see the sticking table! I still have a few pictures that Sofia made there (from about 6 years ago). The other parents and volunteers are friendly and supportive. Plus there was a steady supply of coffee and cake. I was quite chocked up when we left for the last time.

Little Movers

This time 2 years ago the boys were only just learning to crawl now they go to a weekly movement class called Little Movers, which also ended this week. They are enthusiastic but unruly participants! Between them this term they have climbed out of the window, climbed under the tables and refused to come out, switched off the lights and air con, been obsessed with the fan and the speakers and taken things that people have left lying around (if my boys glimpse your phone or car keys they will grab them!). They have moments of joining in and following the instructions and they are very giggly so overall I know they enjoy it, even if I have moments of willing them to be a bit calmer. I could say it is because they are among the the youngest in the class but to be honest I think they’re just cheeky monkeys.

Triumphs of the week……….
Sofia’s street dance performance (with Lane Dance Academy). Sofia and her class mates really shone and there was some lovely creative improvisation. Vanessa their teacher really brings out the best in them. The boys managed to cause minimal disruption to the show (mainly because they had been bribed to be quiet audience members with cartons of apple juice and copious rice cakes).

I try and sneak in a few moments of fun time with Sofia in the evening after the boys are in bed – playing Connect Four and eating Haribo with my big girl was the perfect end to Friday.

Moments of destruction/disaster…………
Sam has broken the arm off my favourite sunglasses, fallen into the (empty) bath and learnt how to open the dishwasher. Leo has poured water in my shoes, emptied the bin onto the floor and hidden my sandals in the toy drawers. An unknown culprit has added further scribble to the sofa. I found a DVD behind the sofa that should have been returned to the library weeks ago.

Overall the stress level for the week is a very reasonable 5 out of 10 (which is a relief as last week was off the scale).

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