Weekly round up of chaos and crazy

It’s been a busy week with the last of the summer holidays plus getting back into the routine of school runs and homework. This is a little round up of the memorable moments.

Funny things
The boys lining up their grapes on size order and calling them, Mummy, Papi, Sam, Leo and Sofia.
Overhearing Sam and Leo arguing over whether a picture was a lion or a bear.
Sam saying to me very seriously “mummy I am not a crocodile

Weekly highs
Seeing my friends beautiful baby for the first time – he is gorgeous and they are very chilled parents.
Our Cambridge Twins club collecting an amazing amount of clothes and baby equipment for the refugees and raising £1000 in just one day through everyone’s donations. We needed to go beyond being shocked and upset by the images in the media and to do something.
Sofia and Rolando had a Papi and daughter day with a trip to the cinema, a pub lunch and shopping, rounded off with drinks at Bubble Tea World.
Taking Sam and Leo out for lunch they were very well behaved (we have had some less than successful lunch trips in our time).
Sofia started in Key Stage 2 on Thursday – where has my little girl gone! I was definitely more nervous than she was. She took it all in her stride.
We had a cheeky bottle of róse to celebrate getting through the school holidays.
Making Parmesan and sundries tomato bread with the boys.
Finalising the arrangements for the twins to start at preschool next week. It was reassuring to go to the information evening and get to talk through any questions plus meet the other parents.
Celebrating the end of the school holidays with Pirate Day.

Moments of chaos and disaster
The boys getting hold of a pink highlighter when I was in the kitchen. Leo scribbled all over himself and Sam. They both thought it was hilarious.
Sam and Leo sneaking a box of Cheerios out of the kitchen tipping it onto the floor and sitting eating it.
Several potty training fails – my poor living room carpet was the main casualty. I’m in a bit of dilemma where to go with potty training.
My house is a bit of a disaster zone after 6 weeks of full on activity.
Feeling guilty for letting the kids watch way too much TV on the rainy bank holiday Monday.
Leo is going through a shouting phase at the moment which I’m finding quite trying especially as it really stresses out Sam.

2 thoughts on “Weekly round up of chaos and crazy

    1. So proud of my fellow win mums, we’ve almost collected way more stuff than we ever anticipated. Kicking myself not to get a snap of the boys with their pink scribbles – where is your camera when you need it.

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