Weekly triumphs and disasters

Here’s a little round up of what we have been up to over the last week.

Funny things
Leo decided to dance like no one is watching. Only problem was this was while standing on his chair in the middle of a busy cafe. It reassembled toddler twerking! I was mortified (even though it was a bit hilarious).

Sam introduced himself and Leo to all of the animals at a country show we went to.

Moments of triumph
I did the Cambridge Chariots of Fire race – a relay around the beautiful college grounds of the Cambridge university colleges. Our team was made up of fellow twin mums. Between the six of us we had fifteen children. Our finish time was a fairly respectable 1 hour 26 minutes.

Sam and Leo are settling in well at preschool. We have had no tears at drop off time this week. Now that I know that they are happy there I’ve been able to enjoy a bit of time to myself. It feels like come up for air after a very full on three years. I’ve started tackling my messy house, done some bit writing, read the papers and just chilled out in our lovely village café.

I had my first attempt at driving our family people carrier and it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I’m trying to squeeze in as much driving practice as I can before my test in a few weeks time.

I wrote a blog post about my experiences at Addenbrooke’s hospital that really resonated with a lot of people. I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to the many people there that had helped our family. It is the most read post on my blog to date. (Thank you to Addenbrooke’s)

Sofia had a great day at her school trip to a castle. Even though it was a quite wet weather the class had a great time and got to explore, learn some dancing and see some archery.

I took the kids out for lunch yesterday. A woman who came up to us as she was leaving and said “your children are a real credit to you.” It completely made my day!

Moments of disaster
We were having a really nice afternoon in the park having an impromptu picnic. Then Sam managed to get his knee wedged in the slatted back of the bench we were sat on. He was screaming as I tried to pull his leg out. I was starting to get a bit worried when I managed to wriggle him free.

Sofia has lost her good school coat – has anyone seen a bright pink ski jacket last seen left on a bench in the school playground?

One of the boys has scribbled on the back of our new bedroom door (under questioning Leo said it was him but confessions are not always 100% reliable). Does anyone know how to get biro off oak? It’s proving impossible to remove.

Rolando accidentally put a plastic plate on the hot stove. We now have drips of melted red plastic on the kitchen floor, which is also proving difficult to remove.

On the whole a pretty fun and easy week I’d give it a stress rating of 5/10.

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