We’re going to Ecuador

I am so happy to be writing this post! At the beginning of the year my husband and I chatted about what we really wanted to do in 2018. Top of the our list was visit my husband’s family in Ecuador. With lots of planning we are making it happen and will be heading to Ecuador soon.

I lived and worked in Ecuador after I finished university. It was where I met my husband. In a couple of weeks it will be 13 years since Rolando moved to the UK. We last visited Ecuador together when Sofia was 6 months old, 8 years ago. It was so special to take her to meet her Ecuadorian family. She doesn’t remember it but it was such a precious experience. Rolando has visited his family since but in difficult circumstances when his Dad passed away in 2012. I was pregnant with the twins at the time.

Our original plan was to visit Ecuador before the twins turned 2 so we wouldn’t have to pay full price for the boy’s tickets. Then the reality of having two high energy toddlers hit. Taking such a long flight with our “spirited” boys sitting on our laps was just too much. Then in the last few years there always seemed to be another expense that had to take priority over paying for flights.

However we’ve decided that it was the moment to just go for it. Life is short. Seeing family is too important to wait any longer. It is so sad that Rolando’s Dad never got to meet the twins. I don’t want anything to stop Rolando’s Mum getting to know her Grandchildren.

We have just booked flights to fly to Ecuador and we are so excited! We are going to visit in March for 3 weeks. There has been some tricky logistics to sort out. We needed to get passports for the boys and ask for permission to take the kids out of school (for just a few days). We are also being really careful with money to cover the costs. It will all be worth it for the kids to meet their Abuela (Grandma), Aunties and Uncles. It will be amazing for the kids to hang out with all of their cousins. I think they will be a proper little gang. It is also great that all of the kids are going to be old enough to remember this trip.

As an added bonus my Mum is going to come with us too. This will be the first time that she will meet any of Rolando’s family. She has even been taking Spanish lessons so that she can speak to Rolando’s mum.

Knowing we have a big trip to look forward to is really giving me such a boost through the cold winter months. The kids are so excited. They have lots of ideas about what they want to do. We are speaking more Spanish with the kids so that they feel more confident communicating. The boys ask me every day if we are going to Ecuador tomorrow. I have put a countdown onto my phone to show the weeks until we leave.

I’ll keep you posted on our travel plans and I’m sure I’ll be spamming Instagram with excessive numbers of holiday photos!

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