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Hello, is anyone still out there reading my blog! I’ve been a bit absent here for a while. Life has been so manic lately. At times things have felt a bit overwhelming and I have been really tired. In all the craziness Twins Make Five has had to take a bit of a back seat. I’ve really missed getting the chance to write my blog. I thought I’d pop up and give a little update on what is going on with us.

The boys finished preschool
I can’t believe that the boys have had their last session at preschool. It really feels like the end of an era! They have had such a positive experience at their preschool over the last 2 years. They weren’t even talking too much when they first started and were still in nappies. They came out as confident cheeky monkeys. They have made lots of buddies along the way that will join them in reception. A big thank you to all of the staff who have made the boys time at preschool so special. I definitely needed tissues at the leavers presentation!

Sam and Leo’s first day at preschool.
The twins last day at preschool (Sam is the Bear, Leo is in the Blue Lazy Town costume).


Onwards and upwards
Watch out reception Sam and Leo are coming! The boys have had 4 settling in session at their new school. It is on the same site as their preschool so it doesn’t feel like too daunting a transition. The boys have been excited about getting to explore the preschool classroom. Leo came out saying “Mummy there is a massive TV!” he means the interactive whiteboard. Sam told me there were LOADS of toys.

When Sofia started school we were in a very different place I was heavily pregnant during her first weeks of school. The twins were born a couple of weeks into her first term of school so days were pretty chaotic! It felt like a miracle that we got her to school in time, most days we only made it by the skin of our teeth. I was quite nervous about how Sofia would adapt to school. She had only just turned 4 when she started school and she seemed so tiny compared to some of her classmates. The boys will be only a month away from their 5th birthday when they enter reception. They also seem to get a confidence boost from being together.

All grown up
All traces of toddlerhood have gone out of the window. We have got rid of the boys potties and switched over to using the toilet. We probably should have done it ages ago but they were quite resistant to give them up. This is one milestone I’m very happy to have finally reached!

I have still been letting the boys take turns to use a single pushchair for school runs when we needed to rush to drop off and pick up Sofia on time. One of the thing that I absolutely love about the summer holidays is the change of pace. No more rushing to school means goodbye pushchair.

The boys have also switched to bunk beds – how grown up is that?! Rolando has made the boys really cool pod bunk beds. They make the most of the space in the bedroom and give the boys their own little bit of space. The boys have spent a few days debating who got to sleep at the top. They had been taking it in turns although Leo has now decided that he likes the bottom bunk better.

Sofia the Spy
Sofia has had such a busy few weeks at the end of term! She had a dance presentation, her school disco, a singing performance at our village fete, school sports day and 3 performances of her school play.

Sofia’s birthday falls during the school holidays so decided to do her birthday party at the end of term before lots of her friends go on holiday. At the beginning of the year we wrote a bucket list for the year. Sofia really wanted to add having a Spy Mission party to the list. Sofia was so excited when I told her I had booked a Spy Mission party at a spy games centre in Cambridge. We had a team of 13 spies. It was really hectic and lots of fun! I was so happy that Sofia got to have her dream party! Sadly I don’t have any photos of Sofia’s party as I was too busy to remember to take any.

And relax…..
I feel we are in a bit of a calmer state since school has broken up. Well as calm as life with 3 kids gets! I’ve deliberately not over scheduled our holiday time. We have lots of ideas of things that we want to do but there will be plenty of hanging out in our pyjamas too. Having my car is already helping us to go out on little adventures.

Rolando and I both have two weeks off work coming up.  I can’t wait!  We are going glamping on a farm near to the New Forest.  I’ve never been to this part of the country before and I’m really looking forward to it. We are all feeling more rested already which is exactly what we needed (so no excuse not to write more regularly!)

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