What would happen to axed CBeebies characters

With rumours that CBeebies might be the victim of BBC budget cuts you might be wondering what would become of your kids TV favourites.  Here is a quick look into their futures………..

1. Igglepiggle and Makka Pakka form an offbeat hip hop dance crew they take Britian’s got talent by storm but are just beaten in the final by a roller skating dog.

2. The Haaboos do not fair so well and are now rented out at weekends as bouncy castles

3. The Furchesters move to Dubai and set up a hotel to rival to the Durj Al Arab. Who needs extreme luxury when you have your dinner served by a blue fluffy monster? They get embroiled in a legal battle after monster hair is found in the dinner of a visiting head of state.

4. Mr Maker takes the loss of his job badly, goes to the dark side and sets up as an underground street artist to rival Banksy.

5. Nina is employed by the Large Hadron Collider to try and explain how it works to members of the general public – it’s an uphill battle.

6. Mr Tumble maintains his general happy nature and enthusiasm but is arrested for painting spots on the Houses of Parliament (he is detained under antiterrorism measures).

7. Robert the Robot is employed as a robot butler by the Queen. She is seeking to modernise the image of the monarchy and thinks he will make her look down with the kids.

8. Kwazi Kitten narrowly misses out on becoming the co-presenter of Top Gear (his orange fur and Chris Evans’ ginger hair didn’t screen test well together). In despair he teams up with Gem and Captain Sinker from Swashbuckle and Old Jack to form a gang of modern day pirates.

9. Mr Bloom has an idea to create a garden bridge over the river Thames. He struggles to gain public support and funding for the project.

10. Captain Barnacles becomes a word famous advocate of marine conservation and wins a Nobel prize.

P.S. This mum never gets to have a shower in peace ever again!

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15 thoughts on “What would happen to axed CBeebies characters

  1. Maybe all the unemployed characters could take up babysitting – I’m sure plenty of mums would pay a small fortune to have them round to the house for an hour so we can shower in peace – maybe even enjoy a hot cup of tea too!
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    1. Now that is a genius idea! Mr Maker could do all the crafts with my daughter that she sees on his show and I never have the right bits and pieces to make.

    1. Thank you glad you liked it. I’ve seen a really good factual post that gives the facts behind the rumours and dispels the idea that channel is being cancelled (I’ll dig out the link for you).

    1. Oh we love a bit of Jake and the Netherland Pirates and Sofia the First! I read a very informative factual post on the #TheList linky with the actual facts about the future of the CBeebies channel (which totally dispels the rumours). Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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