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Life in the Twins Make Five household has been hectic even if the blog has been gathering dust lately. Thank you for popping back to have a read – normal service will resume shortly!

September has been all about the twins starting school and Sofia settling into year 5. It blows my mind that Sofia is speeding into her final years at primary school. I’m tentatively saying things are going quite well for the twins in reception. They enthusiastically tell me what they have had for lunch everyday. They are not massively forthcoming about what they are learning. The logistics of juggling the boys settling in schedule and working have been a stretch. I don’t think I realised quite how tiring the process was going to be for all of us. I’m awarding myself a virtual gold medal for getting everyone uniformed and out of the house every morning with the right bits of kit – this is adulting at it’s most challenging!


We are not quite settled into a new routine yet. The boys are not quite up to doing a full week at school so we have still had a few days with double school runs. Fingers crossed Sam and Leo will be able to add their final 2 afternoons soon. We are making some changes to our childcare which is always a bit nerve wracking. Rolando has come to the end of a work long contact and is finalising his next one. I’m hoping in a few weeks we will be out of this state of flux and will have found our new normal.

Things we are loving at the moment………..

Billionaire Boy – David Walliams
I’ve just finished reading this book with Sofia and we both really enjoyed it. Such a fun read with some good plot twists and a real moral to the story. I’ve read a couple of other David Walliams book but this is by far my favourite (Ratburger turned my stomach!).

How Hard Can It Be – Allison Pearson
I’ve been really looking forward to reading this book. It is a very long awaited follow up to the brilliant I Don’t Know How She Does it (such a relatable book for working women). I heard Allison Pearson at a book evening reading an extract of this novel absolutely ages ago. It didn’t even have a title at that point. I’m only a few chapters in and I’m already enjoying it, although. The lead character is at a different stage of life than me but I still rooting for her.

Trips to London
I’ve been really lucky to have two lovely trips to London in the last couple of weeks. Sofia is doing a topic about ancient Egypt at the moment. It was a great excuse to take Sofia for a trip to the British Museum to see the Egyptian galleries.  I love the British Museum (even though it is basically full of artifacts we stole from other countries).

We also took a quick trip to the Lego Store in Leicester Square. This was heaven for us as big Lego fans!  We bought two Lego sets for the twins birthday and made our own Lego men.    

I also popped to London this weekend to meet my blogging buddies Angela and Laura for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards. We are so very proud of Angela for making the shortlist of the Inspire category!

Autumn TV
I’m not the biggest fan of autumn. Every year try to make myself appreciate the season (looking for beautiful coloured leaves rather than sulking that summer is over). The silver lining for me is great autumn TV. So far I’m loving the return of Strictly Come Dancing, Gogglebox and The Graham Norton Show.

Things we are looking forward to in October………..

October is the birthday month for our family – the twins, my mum and me all have celebrations this month. Bring on the cake!

We love Halloween in our house! I am working on our costume theme for this year.

Is it bad that I’m looking forward to half term already? We don’t really have any big plans but I think we’ll all be ready for a chilled out week.


2 thoughts on “Whats going on with us

  1. I think you are superwoman getting all three of them ready for school and out the door (she says still in her pyjamas at 9am…!) It’s great to hear how you’ve all been getting on. Looking forward to more updates, especially the Halloween post!

    1. Thank you Helen. The kids look smart I look like an absolute state on the school run! I have a fun halloween idea but I’m just trying to figure out how to make the costumes.

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