You’re having twins!

Lots of people ask me what it was like finding out that we were having twins so I’m sharing the story of how we found out.

We have a daughter Sofia who was 3 and a half years old at the time. Rolando and I had talked a lot about when to have a second child. We figured Sofia was well out of the toddler stages and would be starting school soon, we would avoid double childcare costs and we had all of the baby equipment. We thought we’d earned our stripes as parents and felt fairly confident and relaxed about going back to the new born days – how hard could it be second time around?!

In hindsight the clues were there but we didn’t spot them. The second I did the pregnancy test the positive symbol showed up in really dark lines. I had been feeling terrible and had been throwing up a lot – although I had very bad morning sickness with Sofia so I didn’t think anything of it. A friend of mine had told me she’d dreamt that I was pregnant and having twins (I now want her to pick my weekly lottery numbers).

We were very relaxed going to the hospital for our scan. I’d booked the first appointment of the day so that I could head into the office straight afterwards. I re-read the appointment letter in the car “this scan is to date your pregnancy and to check for multiples” I read this line to Rolando and said well the multiples bits isn’t relevant to us. I had no idea what was coming.

We were struggling to find a parking space so I went into the waiting room on my own. Rolando dashed in just as I was called into the scanning room. When I saw the image on the screen I though it looked a little different than I’d remembered. Lots of white and not much black space around it.

Then came life changing line that flipped our worlds upside down “Is there a history of twins in your family?” My mind scrambled to catch the meaning of what the sonographer had said. Rolando looked really confused. She explained that there was two heart beats and that we were having identical twins. I can’t remember the next moments very accurately. Rolando’s jaw hit the floor. I started to cry. I was so shocked I couldn’t take anything in. We were told lots of medical information none of which we really heard or understood.

We stepped out of the room in a daze. I was still crying. The people waiting looked really worried for us assuming that we’d had terrible news. Rolando told everyone that we’d just found out we were having twins and there was a ripple of congratulations around the room. We were then asked to book in for lots and lots of appointments. I was being asked about dates and times I was available and I couldn’t think straight.

I’d only told a close friend at work that I was pregnant and that I had my first scan that day. I phoned her to explain that I couldn’t come to work. I was still crying and in such a jumble on the phone. My friend was very reassuring and tried to calm me down and said she would speak to my manager.

As we walked back to the car the scary questions started coming to us. Where would we live? How would we cope? How would this affect Sofia? Can we afford this? I started being sick. It was partly morning sickness and partly fear.

I called home and spoke to my dad. He was very British and his first word was “Blimey” my mum wasn’t home so I called my best friend and left a very shaky answer phone message asking her to call me. Rolando was a bit worried about leaving me on my own but he needed to do some work. My colleague called back at lunch time to check I was okay.

I passed the day going between being overwhelmed and Googling for information. What cars can you fit three car seats in? How much does a double pram cost? I threw up a lot and drank a lot of tea to settle my nerves.

Sarah and Sofia - recovering from the shock in Amsterdam.
Sarah and Sofia – recovering from the shock in Amsterdam.

We were going on holiday the following day to see friends in Holland. I went in the office in the morning to attend a meeting and to speak with my manager. I was still really emotional. I explained why I’d gone AWOL the previous day and told him what was going on. He was very understanding and reassured me that everything was going to be okay and to not worry about work.

I spoke to my good friends at work. It’s a funny two part process telling people you are having twins. There is the usual I’m pregnant part “Yay!” followed by the I’m having twins “Oh!” There was lots of congratulations and tears mixed together.

Then we collected Sofia from her childminder, raced to Stansted Airport and flew away to Amsterdam! It was surreal going away when our lives were in total confusion but what better way to come to terms with things than a city break!

Do you have twins? How was the moment when you found out you going to be a parent of multiples?

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3 thoughts on “You’re having twins!

  1. OH MY WORD! I cannot even begin to imagine how I would feel hearing the news that I was having twins! That was my immediate relief when we had Jacks scan that there was just one. It takes someone pretty special to take on 2 babies in one go – well done you 🙂 xxx #brilliantblogposts
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  2. I don’t have twins but I could imagine feeling much the same as you – overwhelmed and I would immediately be googling about practical things too – cars and prams. It’s amazing though particularly with children how you find the way to cope and afford things in the end – or at least I assume you did? 🙂 x
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