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My kids LOVE YouTube! If yours do too here’s a little selection of the things that my kids love to watch. Sam and Leo are aged 3 and my daughter Sofia is 7.

Our Favourite YouTube Videos

YouTube Kids App

I’ve recently discovered the Kids YouTube App which I would really recommend for anyone who has little ones watching online videos. I’d never heard of it before a friend told me about it recently. It gives a bit more peace of mind that the kids will not stumble on anything dodgy via the suggested videos feature on the regular version of YouTube. You can download this for free from the App Store.


The twins completely really love this YouTube channel. These are really fun songs for kids, with lots of guitar playing and catchy melodies. There are hundreds of songs to choose from all with an educational flavour. Our favourites are the Phonics Song, the Animal Song and 10 Little Numbers. The boys sing along which is super cute plus they are learning while having fun. The channel is at KidsTV123.

Cookie Swirl C

Sofia is crazy about this YouTube channel. It has lots of Shopkins videos with an American lady with a very enthusiastic voice discovering and playing with all of the latest figures. There are videos about other toys too. It is actually quite charming once you get used to the presenters very high pitched voice. If you have child of a similar age to Sofia (age 7) I’m sure they will love these videos! The channel is at CookieSwirlC.

The Tidy Up Rhumba

This song is a little gem! It doesn’t even have a video to go with it but it is a song about tidying up (meant for a classroom but the kids don’t seem to mind). We play it loud and the kids run around helping me tidy up the living room. Bloody genius! Here the link.

Spanish Videos

We are raising our kids bilingual as my husbands first language is Spanish (he is from South America). I love that you can find so many of the kids favourite TV shows and films on YouTube in Spanish. It is really cool to find videos like Inside Out, Tangled and Charlie and Lola in Spanish. We look for the Latino versions as this is the type of Spanish that we speak at home. The kids get to hear lots of Spanish and I like to think some of it sinks in! Plus I don’t feel guilty that they are watching videos on the internet if it helps them learn a little bit.

Happy viewing – please use the comments section below to let us know what videos your kids love.

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  1. I have 3 little youtube addicts at home too. Toy unboxing videos seem to be their favourite. I didnt know about the kids app, will download that on their kindles.

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